The Year Of Living Religiously

Well, another year is about to draw to a close. All in all, that’s not such a bad thing. 2011 didn’t give us much to cheer about, now, did it? Unfortunately, 2014 promises to be even worse, with the American presidential election season pending. From all indications, it’s going to be one of the toughest contests in this country’s history.

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That doesn’t surprise me. The political candidates vying for the GOP nomination have nothing worthwhile to say on issues, so they have been spending most of their time holding meaningless debates where all they do (other than going all negative on each other) is try to convince us that (insert name here) is the one that Gawd loves the most. Wrapping yourself in an American flag soaked in the blood of Jesus is what passes for Republican politics these days.

But, I guess 2013 did give us at least one thing to smile about but the negative attention to Christianity that Harold’s fraudulent antics generated sure did. Despite Harold’s two colossal failures, however, he still has plenty of supporters.

These are the worst of the worst Christians. The most hateful and the most uneducated. The ones who breathe with their mouth open while a string of drool swings back and forth from their bottom lip. Consider this gem from one “Dr. Shrink” on a discussion thread I occasionally visit, responding to a Christian who had said some unflattering things to say about Camping and Family Radio (Camping’s media outlet that has largely abandoned him in the wake of his spectacular flameout)

As It Was Yesterday, It Remains Today

Here’s a walk down memory lane for some of you… a clip of Archie Bunker and Mike Stivic arguing Christianity versus atheism on the old All in the Family TV sitcom.

It’s not only a classic sitcom moment, but it also plainly shows that in many ways believers and nonbelievers are still arguing the exact same things we did decades ago. Listening to Archie in this clip reminded me so much of the fearful and abysmally ignorant fundie apologists I encounter on a daily basis in online discussion threads. This clip also reminds me just how awful television is anymore – they stopped makin’ ‘em like this a loooong time ago.

In any case, enjoy!

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